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ProMinent's controllers and sensors

With ProMinent's controllers and sensors.

What do you expect from your controllers and sensors?

We expect accuracy from our controllers and sensors. We demand reliability. We believe our sensors and controllers should be compatible with your existing setup, but also integrate flawlessly with our entire product lineup. And we expect them be to economical.

If we had to choose one word to describe our expectations from our products, we would say we expect nothing less than perfection. Read more about our sensors, our controllers, and how well they work together.

Industry-leading measurement

with industry-defining sensors

Our wide range of amperometric and potentiometric sensors allows exact registering of the concentration for almost any metering task. Paired with our controllers, you have precise control over every aspect of the initial water and chemical treatment process.

A large range of suitable fittings leads to the possibility of tailor-made and easy integration of the sensors into your process, meaning you don’t have to change anything else about your existing setup.

We offer sensors for the following variables:

Game-changing controller technology

ProMinent's control technologies for fluid metering are part of our "intelligent metering" process. Using the right control technology can help to substantially optimize metering of fluid chemicals. It can increase process safety, result in cost-savings for metering-chemicals and the disposal of metering-chemical-surpluses, as well as providing the transparency of the measuring data in real time.


The PCM is a complete measurement and control package. Built so that it is plug and play, the PCM is available in a wide variety of flexible configurations. Complete with sensors, controllers, and the required PVC valves, the PCM is ProMinent’s wall-mountable, no-fuss control and monitoring unit.

Dulcometer DACa

The multi-parameter measuring and control device offers special functions for water treatment, such as the processing of variables and control parameter switching (in real time and controlled by event), an external setpoint setting via mA signal. The new controller platform from ProMinent was developed to continually measure and control the parameters required, and can be configured for two or three measuring channels. Sensors from 14 freely selectable measured variables can be connected per channel. The measurement and control device can communicate with analogue or digital sensors and actuators.

See the DACa's specifications.

Dulcometer DACa

~Typical applications include potable water and waste water treatment, industrial and process water treatment, and swimming pool water treatment.~

Measuring ranges
Connection mV: pH: 0,000 to 14,000; ORP voltage: -1500 to +1500
Connection mA (amperometric): Chlorine; chlorine dioxide; chlorite; bromine; ozone; Hydrogen peroxide; Hydrogen peroxide; peracetic acid; dissolved oxygen
Connection mA (potentiometric): pH; ORP voltage; fluoride; conductivity

Resolution of pH
ORP/redox voltage: 1mV
Temperature: 0.1 Celsius
Amperometric analysis: 0.001/0.01 ppm

Control behaviour
P/PID control

Two 2-way controllers

Analogue outputs
2 x 0/4 to 20 mA electrically isolated
Maximum load 450
Range and assignment (variables for measurement, correction, and control) can be adjusted

Control outputs
2 x 2 pulse frequency outputs to control 4 metering pumps
2 relays/limit value

Electrical connection
90-253 V
50/60 Hz
25 VA

Ambient temperature
0 to 60 C

250 x 220 x 122 mm (WxHxD)

1.3 kg

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Dulcometer Compact

for pH or ORP control

The ProMinent Duclometer Compact analyzer provides precise measurement and control of pH or ORP process variables. The pre-configured Compact can be programmed for either pH or ORP control without having to purchase a separate analyzer. Temperature compensation for pH can be added using an optional PT 1000 sensor. The Compact comes standard with pulse relay for pump control, configurable analog output and configurable power relay.

See the Compact's specifications.

Dulcometer Compact

~Typical applications include water and wastewater treatment, pH neutralization, process control, and chemical feed.~

Measuring ranges
pH: 0.00 - 14
Redox -1000 to +1000 mV

Resolution of pH
Redox voltage: 1mV

Control behaviour
P/PID control

Control in one direction (raise/lower)

Signal current output
1 x 4 - 40mA electrically isolated
Maximum load 400
Range and assignment (measured or actuating variable) can be set

Control outputs
1 pulse frequency output for control of the metering pump
1 relay (alarm or limit value relay or pulse length control)
1 x analogue output 4-20mA

Electrical connection
90-253 V

Ambient temperature
-10 to 60 C

135 x 124 x 75 mm (WxHxD)

0.5 kg

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The ProMinent Aegis controller is the perfect economical solution for process cooling, boiler and waste water treatment applications that provides the latest in controller technology. It features variable frequency pump controls, allowing precise chemical feed using the accuracy of pulse outputs rather than turning pumps on and off. Aegis provides real time information on data logging using our exclusive Web Browser Ready Trackster Software. And our exclusive Thermal Flow Switch design does not require user adjustment or calibration, and operates on 1 GPM flow rate with no moving parts.

See the AEGIS's specifications.

ProMinent AEGIS

~Typical applications include process, cooling, boiler, and waste water treatment.~

Analog-Digital I/O
Conductivity Sensor: Tower, Boiler, Condensate, & Integral Flowswitch sensors
Fixed Temperature Sensor Input: Thermal compensation for both PH and Conductivity
Fixed 4-20mA Current Loop Input: Assignable to control any relay or variable frequency control
4 max. 4-20mA Current: DC isolated, Manual & Auto modes, Interlocking, Alarm
7 max. Manual-Inventory-Inputs: Track drop counts, inventory, tank level, ppm

Communications User Interface
Keypad-LCD: 5 Key tactile feedback, universal characters, 2 line, backlit
10 Base T, TCP/IP Ethernet LAN (optional): HTML micro web server with user-definable IP address

Controls for ON/OFF & Variable Frequency
Sequential Volume Setpoints volume: Feed a fixed volume for every make-up controls
Blocking control: Any of 8 controls may block any other controls
Interlocking: Up to 4 contact sets can be 'AND'ed or 'OR'ed
9 Biocide Event Controls: Each of 9 controls includes 28 timed events cycles

Power: 120 or 230VAC, 50/60 Hz
Fousing for 5 AC-powered loads: 5 Amps @ 120VAC or 2.5 Amps @ 230VAC
Accessory Power Fused at 50mA: 15-22VDC, Unregulated, Thermally
Enclosure: Non, metallica, NEMA 4X
Dimensions 190 x 287 x 140 mm (WxHxD)

CSA: Pending

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Working together

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At ProMinent, we believe no two needs are alike. That’s why our products work together to provide an infinite number of solutions, integrating to give you a chemical feed experience unlike any other.

From our controllers and sensors to our large chemical feed skids, we’ve thought through every step of your process and created a matched set with endless possibilities.

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